Hydropower facilities / Hydropower plants (HPP)

Thakmo HPP

The 150 MW Thakmo HPP of diversion type is located in Phuong Long district of Binh Phuoc province and serves as the upper stage of the cascade on the Be River. The HPP was constructed during 1991-1995 and now is in operation. In 2000 units of Thakmo HPP were recertified to 82MW each and now installed capacity of the hydro project is 164 MW.

Thakmo HPP is the first project developed in co-operation between Ukrhydroproject PJSC and Vietnamese companies.

Scope of work envisaged under the contracts:

Detailed Project Report and Project Report Drawings for Civil and Technological part, including:

  • Development of necessary options to identify the most advisable and economical design solutions;
  • selection of dam type and abutments structure;
  • Selection of HPP main structures and equipment layout and types, of water intake and powerhouse locations, of penstocks type;
  • static, hydraulic, filtration calculations and researches;
  • architectural engineering for the Project;
  • Elaboration of schematic circuit diagrams and schematic diagrams of control, automation, and relay protection systems, of intra-plant communication and united 110/35 kV outdoor switchyard;
  • water supply, fire-fighting, sewage, ventilation, air-conditioning, lighting systems design;
  • Engineering services with respect to procurement co-ordinationof  hydropower, electrotechnical, hydromechanical, auxiliary equipment for spillway dam, water intake, penstocks, powerhouse, 110/35/10 kV outdoor switchyard, HF-communication.
  • Consultancy services;
  • Design supervision over construction and quality control.

Salient Features of the Project

Installed capacity, MW

150 (after 2000 - 164)

Type and number of units

2 х Francis

Mean annual output, mil. kWh


Max head, m


Discharge, m3/s


Live storage, mil. m3


Reservoir surface area at NWL, km2


Max height of Earth dam with drainage to tailrace, m


Spillway dam of practical profile


Dimension (LxH) of Water intake (of surface type), m

30.0 x 40.0

Type of powerhouse


The hydro scheme consists of: earth and rockfill dams, spillway, two surface penstocks of combined type, earth dams and powerhouse.