Hydropower facilities / Small hydropower plants (SHPP)

Tereblya-Rika HPP

DerivativeTereblya-Rika HPP on the Tereblya and Rika Rivers in the Transcarpathian region was designed by the Lviv complex design and survey expedition of the Ukrainian branch of the Institute "Hydroenergoproject" in 1950.Tereblya-Rika HPP has been in operation since 1956.

 The main hydropower facilities are located in mountainous terrain with dissected relief. The feature of theHPP: water from theTereblya River through the diversion tunnel and Tereblya-Rika HPPdiverts to the Rika River.The drop between the levels of the rivers is 200 m. In addition, the HPPslocation is seismically active with the forecasted maximum earthquake intensity 7 points on the MSK-64 scale.

"Ukrhydroproject" PJSC provided design worksat all stages of design, including authorized supervision. At present "Ukrhydroproject" PJSCis providing the design work on the reconstruction of the HPP with the increase of the capacity and replacement of hydrounits, as well as rehabilitation of the pressure tunnelwith increase of its capacity.

Also the possibility of the construction of additional second line of derivation (which is the same to the existing one) is been considered. Construction ofthe second line of diversion tunnel will not only provide the requireddischargefor new turbines, but also willprovidethe rehabilitation of the pressure tunnel without HPP`s shutdown (which is extremely difficult at present).


Main features of the project



Installed capacity, MW


Установленная мощность, МВт


Mean annual output, mil. kWh


Max head, m


Max discharge, m3/s


Number and type of units

3 х Francis

Length of thedamon the Tereblya River, m


High of thedamon the Tereblya River, m


Length of thedivertion tunnel, km


Surface area of the reservoir at NWL (normal water level), km2


Surface area of the reservoir at DWL (dead water level), km2:


Live storage, km3



The hydro scheme consists of: gravity dam with automatic spillway, concrete dam, water reservoir on the Tereblya River, water intake, pressure divertion tunnel, surge tank, butterfly valves placing, turbine penstock, power house and tail race canal.