UKRHYDROPROJECT PJSC carries out integrated engineering works related to hydropower, water economy, residential, industrial, and other types of construction, including:

1. Design work (new construction, rehabilitation, and overhaul):

  • power facilities (hydropower plants, power plants applying alternative electric energy sources) and water facilities;
  • navigation facilities;
  • industrial and civil construction facilities;
  • inspection and assessment of the technical state of structural elements of hydrotechnical structures;
  • architectural, construction and technological design of the projects;

2. Design of internal and external engineering networks, systems and structures:

  • electric transmission lines and transformer substations;
  • electrical power supply, electrical equipment and lighting, communication, alarm and signalling, radio, television, information systems;
  • heating, ventilation, air conditioning, water supply system and sewerage, automation, controlling and measuring equipment.

3. Development of special parts of projects: environmental impact assessment, labour protection, design of construction organization, civil works realization procedures.

4. Technical assistance, engineering, consulting and information services.

5. Development of the project’s operation manuals.

6. Elaboration of tender documentation, enquiry specifications and bidding process assistance.

7. Engineering (designer’s) and technical supervision over the construction.

8. Appraisals of designs.

9. Development of safety system measures for hydrotechnical structures.

For work in Ukraine, the company’s leading design engineers maintain professional certificates and personal seals.