SEERC CIGREE meeting on 22-23 of September 2016

On 22-23 of September, 2016, representatives of UKRHYDROPROJECT PJSC took part in the meeting of SEERC CIGRE working groups 01 and 04. The meeting discussed the prospects and problems of energy development in South and Eastern Europe.

Group 01 is made up of specialists from power grid operating companies, as well as designers and manufacturers of substations and network equipment. At the meeting of the group 01 delegates discussed the problems of load of power grid, design and installation of substations, as well as improving the region's grid infrastructure.

The group 04 was created to discuss the problems and prospects for pumped-storage power plants. The meeting was attended by representatives of the PSP operators, designers, and power grid operators. They discussed the problems of PSP power generation cost, usage of PSP in regulation of power grid, as well as the issues of usage of renewable energy sources.