Hydropower facilities / Hydropower plants (HPP)

Mtkvari HPP

Mtkvari HPP of derivative type is located in Akhaltsikhe and Aspindza districts of Samtskhe-Javakheti region in Southern Georgia. The goal of the HPP is to generate electricity with power output into the grid of Southern Georgia. The area of the design and construction of Mtkvari HPP is located in the upstream part of the Mtkvari (Kura) River. The hydroscheme consists of headworks combined with the reservoir, derivation and main structures.

Mtkvari HPP headworks are located in 2 km upstream from the village Rustavi and include the reservoir, earth dam, operating and construction spillway and water supply piping.

The powerhouse is located upstream the village Sakuneti of Akhaltsikhe district and uses the 105.2 m maximum drop of the Mtkvari River. Main structures include water intake, power tunnel, penstock, surge tank, tailrace canal, powerhouse and 220 kV open-door switchyard.

Development of Mtkvari HPP design was started in 2009. In May of 2010 the works on the power tunnel of 9.6 km construction were started. Construction of the HPPs facilities is continuing at present.

    Scope of work envisaged under the contracts:
  • Development of schematic and detailed design, engineering supervision over the construction of Mtkvari HPP facilities

Main features of the project

Installed capacity, MW


Number of units:


Unit type:


Max head, m


Average long-term annual output of electric energy, mils kWh:

- in maximum output regime;

- in maximum power regime




Average long-term water discharge of river Mtkvari, m3/s, at the site of:

- headworks;

- station unit




Maximum discharge through the tunnel, m3/s


Live storage, km3


Surface area of the reservoir, km2

at NWL (normal water level):

at DWL (dead water level)