Hydropower facilities / Pumped storage power plants (PSP)

Kaniv PSP

Development of design and preparation of construction of Kaniv PSP on the Dnieper River started in 1984, and three years later the design of Kaniv PSP of 3600 MW (in turbine mode) and 3960 MW (in pumping mode) was approved. Due to a lack of financing and the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 the moratorium for the construction was set, which was called off only in 1999. During 2006-2007 PJSC "Ukrhydroproject" developed and approved updated feasibility study, and in 2013 - approved the design of Kaniv PSP of 1000 MW installed capacity in turbine mode and 1040 MW in pumping mode, adapted to the new conditions and requirements of Integrated Power System of Ukraine.

At the moment, the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine and the European Investment Bank signed a "Declaration of intent on cooperation in financing projects in the hydropower industry in Ukraine." The estimated construction period is 6.5 years.

"UKRHYDROPROJECT" PJSC has provided engineering and design services as the general designer at the stages of feasibility studies and design. The scope of work envisaged under the contracts includes:

  • Selection of the optimal layout and design of hydraulic structures;
  • Development of selected design solutions on structures;
  • Hydraulic, filtration and power calculations;
  • Development of a master plan of structures and architectural solutions on structures;
  • The selection and layout of main hydropower, electrical , auxiliary and hydromechanical equipment;
  • Development of systems of auxiliary hydromechanical and sanitary engineering equipment;
  • Development of wiring diagrams, control and relay protection, automation and communication;
  • Development of electrical circuits of AC and DC auxiliaries;
  • Determination of main scope of works.


Main features of the project



Installed capacity, MW

- in turbine mode

- in pumping mode




Numberand type of units:

4 x Francis

Mean annual output, mil.kWh


Max head, m

- in turbine mode

- in pumping mode



Discharge of the PSP, m3\s

- in turbine mode

- in pumping mode



Livestorage of upper reservoir,mil. m3


Surface area of upper reservoir at NWL (normal water level), km2:


Surface area of upper reservoir at DWL (dead water level), km2:


Live storage of lower storage, mil. m3


The main structures of Kaniv PSP:

Upper reservoir, including the reservoir basin, abutments and headrace canal, water intake, penstocks, powerhouse and the erection bay, open-door switchyard, tailrace canal