Hydropower facilities / Hydropower plants (HPP)

Kakhovka HPP

Kakhovka HPP is the last stage of the cascade on the Dnieper River. The hydro scheme was built during 1950-1956 and wascommissioned in 1959.

Since 1996, the complex rehabilitation of the Dnieper cascade of HPPs has started.  The rehabilitation included reconstruction and replacement of hydropower, electrical, and auxiliary, mechanical and sanitary equipment of the HPPs. From 1997 till 2002 the first stage of rehabilitation was completed; and in 2006 the second stage of rehabilitation started.

The main goals of rehabilitation were to extend the operational period of the hydropower plants, to increase their capacities, output, reliability and safety, to fulfill the requirements of environmental protection, to improve the quality of electricity produced due to the improvement of control system, to create modern working conditions that meet current regulations.

During the 1st and the interim stages of rehabilitation 4 hydro units were reconstructed.Furthermore,the electrical and auxiliary equipment has been partially reconstructed.  Other 2hydro units and remaining out-dated equipment are being reconstructed at the 2nd stage.

Scope of work envisaged under the contracts:

  • rehabilitation feasibility study (Iand II Stage);
  • rehabilitation program elaboration for rehabilitation design of the HPP
  • rehabilitation design of the HPP;
  • approval of technical part of bid documents for equipment supply;
  • detailed design engineering on equipment renovation and hydro structures reconstruction;
  • co-ordination of design solutions on civil work and on technological equipment modernization;
  • design supervision over rehabilitation.


Main features of the project


Before rehabilitation

After rehabilitation

Installed capacity, MW



Unit type:


Number of units:


Max head, m


Mean annual output, mil. kWh



Discharge, m3/s


Live storage, km3


Surface area of the reservoir at NWL (normal water level), km2


Surface area of the reservoir at DWL (dead water level), km2:


The hydro scheme consists of: power housewith the spillway and bottom outlets, shipping lock, earth dam, water intake facility of North-Crimean irrigation canal.