Hydropower facilities / Hydropower plants (HPP)

Grodno HPP

17 MW Grodno HPP on the Neman River is located near the settlement Shchetinov of Grodno Region in Belarus. At present time Grodno HPP is the largest and also the first hydropower plant of mid capacity, built in Belarus. Construction works on the Grodno HPP began in May 2008, and since August 2012 the HPP has been in operation.

The main goal of the hydro development is generation of electricity, improving the navigation on the river, increasing fish stocks and setting of recreation zones.


The scope of work envisaged by contracts:


Development of a schematic and detailed design and providing engineering supervision, including:


  • Analysis of the architectural design materials, reconnaissance inspection of the construction site, updating the input data;
  • Earth dam (detailed design of earth dam and drainage system, calculations of strength, stability of dam and foundation, filtration calculations, etc.);
  • Spillway dam (detailed design, hydraulic, filtration, strength and stability calculations, etc.);
  • Powerhouse and erection bay (drawings, calculations of strength and stability of the powerhouse, hydraulic calculations, filtration calculations for the foundation, etc.), including the detailed design in parts of electromechanical equipment, auxiliary systems, hydro-mechanical equipment, sanitary, architectural and construction parts;
  • Headrace and tailrace canals (detailed design and calculations of flow and slope stability);
  • Auxiliary facilities;
  • The layout of hydro scheme (master plan, landscaping, exterior lighting and lightning protection);
  • The hydraulic model of HPP;
  • Design documentation for the organization of the operation control of constructions and facilities of the HPP;
  • Operational instructions for hydromechanical equipment and auxiliary systems.


Main features of the project:


Installed capacity, MW


Number of units:


Unit type:


Output, GWh


Max head, m


Discharge, m3/s


Live storage, mil m3


Surface area of the reservoir at NWL (normal water level), km2


Width of spillway outlet, m


Number of spillway outlets


Max height of the earth dam, m


Max length of the earth dam, m


Type of powerhouse




The hydro scheme consists of: left-bank earth dam, left-bank conjugating abutment, reinforced concrete 4-outlet spillway dam equipped with radial gates, guide wall, power house with the upper building, the right-bank abutment and plant area.