Hydropower facilities / Hydropower plants (HPP)

Can Don HPP

Can Don HPP of 77.6 MW is located in Locninh and Phuoc Long districts of Song Be provinceon the Be River forming a cascade with the downstream Thakmo HPP. Can Don HPP is designed to supply electricity to the South of Vietnam and to irrigate area of 4.800 ha.

The HPP was constructed during 2000-2004 and now is in operation.

Scope of work envisaged under the contracts:

  • Chief Design Engineer and his Assistant’s services on HPP structures design process management
  • Detailed project report elaboration and technical supervision services on HPP main structures.
  • Detailed project report elaboration on civil and technological part of HPP main structures, namely: Selection of structures layout and types, HPP main structures design (powerhouse with erection and near-station bays, tailrace canal,110 kV outdoor switchyard, right-bank non-overflow concrete dam), construction management plan; Strength and stability calculations as well as hydraulic and filtration calculations; Full scope of design services on main and auxiliary equipment for powerhouse, 110 kV outdoor switchyard, including development of auxiliary systems schematic diagrams;
  • Technical supervision over compliances with detailed project report’s requirements as to HPP main structures, quality control;
  • Assistance to the Customer in detailed project report appraisal (HPP main structures)

Salient Features of the Project

Installed capacity, MW


Type and number of units

2 хKaplan

Mean annual output, mil. kWh


Max head, m


Discharge, m3/s


Live storage, mil. m3


Reservoir surface area at NWL, km2


Non-overflow earth dams with concrete insertions at powerhouse and spillway dam conjugations:


Max heightof concrete insertions, m:


Max heightof earthdamsm:


Spillway dam of Kriger-Ofitserov’s practical profile


Water intake of surface type


Powerhouse type


The hydro scheme consists of: power house,concrete spillway dam, earth dams,opendoor switchyard, irrigation water intake and water-race conjugations